Modular Platform Architecture

The Survae platform is available in the cloud or as a local installation on private servers and laptops. Designed with first responders, defense, intelligence and enterprise security requirements in mind, the unique structure of the platform enables each node to function separately or to be connected, providing maximum flexibility to address connectivity and security concerns.


Easily manage, view, and share content from anywhere. The Survae Cloud offers scalable video, image, and data storage for any size organization. Local installations and partner integrations can use the cloud to share, move or archive content.

Local Network

Search and view content on your own private network. Ideal for high security and limited connectivity regions. Local networks can be as simple as a single Survae Node Server, offering live or recorded content management and delivery. Data can be stored and forwarded into the cloud or an individual device.

Single Device

Survae can be deployed on a laptop for live and recorded content viewing and management. Completely offline cached maps are available for areas with no internet connectivity. This is the ideal solution for first responders, managing content from disasters, search and rescue missions, fires and other active field operations. Content may be stored and then forwarded into, or downloaded from, a local Survae Server Node or the Survae Cloud.

Sharing and Collaboration

All video, imagery and data — whether live or recorded — is viewable at multiple locations within any organization and shareable across organizations with our cloud implementation.

We store and archive video and other imagery as it comes in, making the imagery accessible to stakeholders in multiple locations and across agencies.