1 Non-Commercial User

100GB Storage

20GB/mo Content Delivery

GoPro Hero 5+ Video & Images
GoPro Max 360° Panaromas
Parrot ANAFI
Limited DJI tech support
Limited email customer support
Try for 30 days.


1 Pro User

250GB Storage

50GB/mo Content Delivery

All supported UAVs & Cameras
Video, Images & 360° Panaramas
Email customer support
For a pro or commercial user
Try for 30 days.


3+ Business Users

250GB Storage / User

50GB/mo Content Delivery / User

All supported UAVs & Cameras
Video, Images & 360° Panoramas
Email and scheduled phone support
Commercial & Non-Profit Organizations
Local Government & First Responders
Try for 30 days.


Custom Solutions

Private cloud and edge

Integration APIs

or get started with Business.

Add on, any time.

Add Storage

100GB Storage with

20GB/mo Content Delivery

$10 / month
or  $100 / year

Content Delivery

Add high volume streaming

Pay as you go or in blocks

$0.10 / GB, billed monthly
or  $80 / TB prepaid block (1000GB)

Edge Servers & Laptops (beta)

Ideal for remote locations

Process, search, and view content

Use on and offline

Cloud sync with connection

Plans and add-ons are automatically billed monthly or annually and include:
  • Up to 4k video, images, and 360° panoramas.
  • Google and Esri 2D/3D Maps
  • Customer map layers (most KML, KMZ, and shapefile).
  • Data includes cloud storage, processing, and content delivery. Streaming limits apply.
  • UAV/drone support: DJI*, Parrot Anafi / Anafi Thermal, Yuneec H520, Autel Evo II Pro
    *DJI support varies. Pro and Business plans include basic technical support if required.
  • Camera support: GoPro Hero (5, 6, 7, 8, and 9), GoPro Max (360 panoramas only), and Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 and 360 (video and images).
  • Mobile phone and tablet images (GPS geotagging must be enabled and support may vary).
  • Custom MISB camera support available for Enterprise applications.
  • Please see our device page for all of the ground-based cameras and other devices we support.
After the first 30 days, accounts are billed for a minimum of 1 whole billing cycle.
Accounts cancelled within 30 days will not be charged.
Pricing may be higher outside of the United States, Canada and Europe.
Some regions and countries are not available. We reserve the right to deny services.