Parrot ANAFI + ANAFI Thermal

Try a Parrot ANAFI Thermal video on Survae. Toggle thermal view with the IR button. Hover over the camera’s route for preview and click to jump to any point.

Parrot ANAFI + Survae Integration

Survae enables users to see and understand places and events using time and location. We automatically link video, still imagery, and sensor data to provide context with our interactive map and timeline interface.

Get a detailed contextual view of any single video or image and simultaneously, manage, search and easily share all of your visual data.

  • All video, imagery and data is automatically connected to the map and a timeline. Every frame of video and imagery and all data is geolocated, date and time-stamped
  • Hover preview over the map and mouse back or forward along the route of the camera. Play the video from any point on the map.

Survae makes it easy to rapidly find, see, share, and archive your ANAFI’s georeferenced visual and thermal video, images, and 360° panoramas.

Key Features

Survae offers an easy-to-use yet powerful solution for ANAFI’s visual and thermal video, images, and 360° panoramas.

  • Drag-and-drop video and image files from ANAFI into your Survae account.
  • Single file upload – ANAFI media includes embedded metadata. No separate flight records are required!
  • Everything is automatically mapped and ready to view and share after upload.
  • Thermal videos include both visual and thermal streams. Toggle thermal view with the Survae Player’s IR button.
  • Google and Esri 2D and 3D maps show where videos and images were captured. Add KML, KMZ, and Shapefile map layers to your account for more context.

Survae is available in the cloud or on the edge as local private servers and laptops, enabling clients to manage video, imagery, and data in a variety of configurations. Our offline capability is ideal for remote operations in communication-denied environments.

Try a 360° panorama from the ANAFI. Click and drag to look around, scroll to zoom in and out, and double-click to reset.

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