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Survae uniquely enables organizations to leverage large datasets to visualize and share a unified view of events and places, so that stakeholders can understand situations and make decisions more readily.

Live or Recorded Video

Derive meaning and make quick decisions by viewing live and recorded video, infrared, stills and sensor data connected to interactive Esri ArcGIS or Google Maps, with time-based context and search capability.

  • Rapid visualization with context for unfolding events, infrastructure and property damage, and broader scale assessment for decision makers
  • Unprecedented live situational awareness and a historical record to understand what happened

Manage Large Volumes of Video, Imagery, and Data with Ease

  • Use powerful geospatial, temporal and relational search to find events, places, and objects from multiple viewpoints — with the ability to use your own GIS map layers and data to drive search
  • Dynamically build shareable maps of areas as content is uploaded to Survae
  • Export video, infrared and other imagery as an Esri layer that can be consumed in any GIS map system


Easily share mapped video and data internally, across divisions, and with outside organizations, agencies and the public, as needed

Device Support

Survae offers open support for aerial, ground and submarine video, imagery and sensor data. We can integrate virtually any camera and sensor.

The Survae platform is available in the cloud, or as a local installation on private servers and laptops, enabling clients to manage video, imagery and data in a variety of configurations.

We offer a range of pricing options to match your organization’s needs. Contact us today and we’ll work to ensure we tailor a solution to fit your requirements.