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Survae Platform Features

Maps and Search

  • Get immediate context and see any video connected and synced to a map. View video along with a moving map that displays the video path.
  • Search, browse and find video (and individual frames within a video) using the map. Mouse over the video path to see thumbnails from any location; start playing video from any location via the map. Add keywords, text and tags to each video and use those for search, as well.
  • See all of your video assets on a central map and find video using the map itself to search or browse; locate videos visually on the map and play them directly from the map.
  • Share mapped videos internally or externally with links or embed on any website with the Survae player/map.
  • All accounts include Google street, satellite and terrain maps.
  • Additional maps and file types may be integrated with your plan.

Video, Storage and Collaboration

  • Cloud-based, centralized platform for storing, accessing, and sharing all of your data-enabled video assets.
  • Storage, indexing and cataloging for all video assets. Videos are stored in 480p, 720p, 1080p and 4k formats.
  • On-demand map-driven videography technology to request rapid, repeatable, and cost-effective high-resolution aerial and ground-based imagery.
  • Robust permissions-based system for connecting and managing external contractors, field staff, and central office users and administrators.