Bring Context to Video and Imagery with the Survae Map-based Platform

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Visualize the world in powerful new ways. Know where and when video was recorded.

Videos Automatically Sync to Maps. Get Instant Context for Aerial and Ground-based Inspections, Evaluations, and Surveys.

A simple solution for connecting video to maps

Drag-and-drop and work with a wide variety of different
map types, including Esri shape files

Work with thermal imaging, 3D models and other data associated with GPS

See all of your video on a central map. Use the map to find and play video

Search using our map-driven, visual interface

Use maps to define and request repeatable aerial and ground-based videography

Observe change over time with time-lapse technology

Survae Platform Basics

Record your video and upload

Data-enabled video is recorded by professional and high-end consumer UAVs (drones), the latest action cameras (GoPros, Garmins) and current Apple and Android mobile devices, all of which capture GPS data, orientation, motion, altitude, time, date, and more.

Survae enables users to easily upload video and its associated data to our cloud-based platform.

Videos are mapped

Survae connects each video to a set of default maps from Google (i.e. street, satellite, terrain) as a starting point. Users are also able to display and work with an almost unlimited number of additional maps from public or private sources, such as property lines, wetlands, flood zones, and utility locations.

All maps are automatically synced to the video.

Use the map to search

Search, browse and find videos (and individual frames within videos) using the map. Mouse over a video path to see thumbnail views from any location; start playing video from any location via the map.

See all of your video assets on a central map and find video using the map itself to search or browse; locate videos visually on the map and play them directly from the map.

Bring your own video from contractors you already work with or use our on-demand, map-driven technology

Survae not only connects video to maps, we enable clients to order video directly from our platform by using maps to define the request. Your data is sent directly to our on-demand network of UAV (drone) or street-level videographers and the finished video will appear in your account as soon as it is completed.

Our pilot network provides wide-ranging capabilities, with experience doing inspections and videography for environmental organizations, agriculture, power companies, telecom, oil & gas pipelines, residential and commercial real estate, infrastructure, and more.

Survae provides a pool of highly qualified, professional UAV (drone) pilots. All are FAA-certified and fully insured.


Platform Features

Cloud-based storage

All of your videos and maps are stored in the cloud, making it easy to view, work with and share video and maps in real time with anyone, anywhere. Survae provides a complete solution for cataloging, indexing and storing videos and associated data.

Sharing and Collaboration

Survae works with all data-enabled video sources. Once video is uploaded, we encode in multiple web-compliant sizes, from 480p up to 4k, making it simple to share and embed links to your content. We also store your original video and data files.


Secure Cloud Platform

Thoughtfully engineered to meet the needs of enterprise, government, and non-profit groups, the Survae platform offers a robust permissions-based system for connecting and managing external contractors, field workers, and internal users.

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